Etland The Searcher

Magic Treasure, Adventure Seeking, Magic Item Crafting Mage


Etland; Human Wiz7: CR 7; ECL 7; Size M; HD 7d4+14; hp 34; Init +3; Spd 30 ft; AC 15, touch 13, FF 12; BAB +3; Grapple +5; Atk: +5 melee (1d3 + 2, Unarmed), +5 melee (1d6 + 2, Club of Continual Flame), +6 melee (1d6 + 3, Quarterstaff +1); AL N; SV Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +8; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 12.
Languages spoken: Common, Draconic, Infernal, Celestial, Dwarven
Skills and Feats: Concentration +12, Decipher Script +12, Knowledge (Arcana) +14, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +14, Knowledge (History) +12, Knowledge (Planes) +5, Listen +5, Search +7, Spellcraft +16, Spot +4, Survival +1.5; Combat Casting, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, Lightning Reflexes, Scribe Scroll.
Special Abilities: Bonus Languages – Wizard, Familiar, Familiar – Wizard.
Wiz Spells Known (4/5/4/3/2/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1): 0—Acid splash, Arcane mark, Dancing lights, Daze, Detect magic, Electric jolt, Launch bolt, Light, Mage hand, Message, Open/close, Ray of frost, Repair minor damage, Touch of fatigue, 1—Animate rope, Bigby’s helpful hand, Burning hands, Charm person, Comprehend languages, Detect secret doors, Ectoplasmic armor, Endure elements, Identify, Lesser orb of acid, Low-light vision, Mage armor, Magic missile, Magic weapon, Nystul’s magic aura, Shield, True strike, 2—Bear’s endurance, Bull’s strength, Cat’s grace, Continual flame, Darkvision, Electric loop, Flaming sphere, Fox’s cunning, Ghost touch armor, Knock, Levitate, Melf’s acid arrow, Mirror image, Protection from arrows, Resist energy, Summon monster ii, Swift fly, Web, 3—Arcane sight, Dispel magic, Fireball, Fly, Gentle repose, Greater disrupt undead, Greater mage armor, Greater magic weapon, Haste, Keen edge, Leomund’s tiny hut, Magic circle against chaos, Magic circle against evil, Magic circle against good, Magic circle against law, Protection from energy, Spell vulnerability, Summon monster iii, 4—Greater resistance, Lesser globe of invulnerability, Rary’s mnemonic enhancer, Stoneskin.
Wiz Spells Prepared (4/5/4/3/2/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1): 0—Detect magic (2), Message, Open/close, 1—Animate rope, Endure elements, Lesser orb of acid, Low-light vision, Magic missile, 2—Electric loop, Levitate, Resist energy, Web, 3—Fireball, Fly, Greater mage armor, Summon monster iii, 4—Lesser globe of invulnerability, Rary’s mnemonic enhancer.
Possessions: 18 gp, 7 sp, (0 gp, 0 lb), Cloak of resistance +2 (4000 gp, 1 lb), Weasel familiar (100 gp, 0 lb), Large belt pouch (1 gp, .5 lb), Spell component pouch (5 gp, 2 lb), Robe of mitheral thread (1300 gp, 4 lb), Club of continual flame (350 gp, 1 lb), Backpack (2 gp, 2 lb), Black ink (1 oz. vial) (8 gp, 0 lb), 10 Parchment (sheet) (.2 gp, 0 lb), Inkpen (.1 gp, 0 lb), 7 Trail rations (per day) (.5 gp, 1 lb), Wizard’s spellbook (9915 gp, 3 lb), Wizard’s spellbook (3815 gp, 3 lb), Quarterstaff +1 (2300 gp, 4 lb), 50 Wand of burning hands (15 gp, .002 lb), 0 Wand of mage armor (3rd) (1725 gp, .1 lb), Wand of magic missile (1st) (750 gp, .1 lb), Scroll of charm person (arc) (25 gp, 0 lb), Scroll of flaming sphere (arc) (150 gp, 0 lb), Scroll of bull’s strength (arc) (150 gp, 0 lb), Amulet of natural armor +1 (2000 gp, 0 lb), Scroll of ectoplasmic armor (0 gp, 0 lb).


Studding magic since he could walk Etland has always had an affinity toward making magic item, and finding lost items from ages past. After deciding he could learn nothing new from his arcane teacher at the age of 17. He set out into the world with nothing but his spell books,a few coppers his intellect, and a drive to experience and learn more. He has learned to craft the spells he knows into wands and many other Wondrous Items. He makes a living doing just that when hes not pillaging crypts, caverns, and old wizards towers for forgotten items and lore.

Etland The Searcher

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